What is the rage around ketone products, and how do they work?

Ketones are a nutrient created in the body during states of high fat burning. It’s almost as if the body is burning fat at such a high rate that it’s burning more than it needs to, and some of the excess is converted to ketones.  Often called the "fourth macronutrient," ketones are an alternative fuel source to protein, carbohydrates, and fat, are the preferred fuel source for the brain, and can be readily used by muscles and numerous other cells for energy. This state of high fat burning with ketone production, termed “ketogenesis,” can only happen when hormone insulin is low—if insulin is high, it clamps down on fat burning, encouraging  the body to instead store fat.

There are two ways we can increase our ketones: by making ketones or by eating them. The best way to make ketones is by living a life that keeps insulin low, which puts the body into a high fat-burning, ketogenic state. However, because this can be a difficult and restrictive lifestyle for some, new products provide ketones directly in the diet.

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