Are Unicity products certified organic?

Unicity International develops products incorporating the finest ingredients on the planet. The high-quality ingredients we use  make our products safe, pure, active, and effective. Unicity strives in every instance to incorporate the best available ingredients that are pure, natural, and organic.

A simple classification of our nutritional supplement as “organic," “natural,” or “unnatural” is neither feasible nor helpful, as every Unicity product is a multifaceted combination of several ingredients working in harmony to give the desired effect. To be clear, we do not formulate and sell “chemical” or “synthetic” products as is seen in the pharmaceutical industry. We blend together the best ingredients found on the earth to make safe and effective products.

For example, our DP 24 product consists of 24 different fruit and vegetable powders that retain the vitamins, minerals, and other metabolites that are found in the fresh produce versions. The fiber matrix found in our signature Balance Cholesterol and Balance Glucose products is a carefully crafted blend of the finest natural fibers available anywhere. Our whole-leaf matcha tea powder found in Matcha Energy and Matcha Focus consists of the highest quality matcha available and has been gently processed to maximize retention of the over 400 different known natural ingredients found in the matcha leaf. The examples above (along with many others) show Unicity’s commitment to finding and using the best natural ingredients on earth.

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