Why does Unicity use Sucralose as a sweetener in some of its products?

Sucralose is used as a sweetener in several of Unicity International’s science-based products. Contrary to the unvalidated reports of blogs, magazines, and non-peer-reviewed journal articles, over one hundred peer-reviewed clinical studies have shown that sucralose is an effective sweetener, displays no toxicity (either long or short-term) in the amounts used in Unicity products, does not decompose upon heating, and does not leach out chlorine into the body. Sucralose is over six hundred times sweeter than sugar, meaning that only an extremely small amount of sucralose is required to get the desired taste. Sucralose has the added benefits of not metabolizing in the body (calorie free) and not accelerating tooth decay like cane sugar (sucrose) or fruit sugar (fructose). Many of the clinical studies mentioned above have verified that sucralose is safe for all segments of the population—including those with diabetes. Sucralose is also approved by the FDA.

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