Why does BioReishi Coffee contain so much sugar?

Our BioReishi Coffee, recently introduced in the Americas, contains 13 grams of sugar per serving—undoubtedly a large amount. We have been selling BioReishi Coffee as a low-cost, consumer-based, commodity product for many years in our Asian markets as a healthier alternative (due to the addition of Reishi mushroom and other antioxidants) to Nescafe and other coffee products (e.g., Organogold) that are extremely popular in Asia. This original BioReishi formulation was intended to replace the 3-in-1 coffee products people buy—it was never meant to be low in sugar.

We are developing a new formulation of BioReishi Coffee with zero grams of added sugar, and we hope to launch it in the near future. BioReishi Coffee is not a product we recommend for our wellness initiatives. While you’re waiting for our new coffee product, try Unimate instead; it contains 65 times more gene-regulating chlorogenic acids than a top-quality cup of black coffee.

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