Getting Started

GetFit21 Summary Checklist

1. Start with a Complete™ breakfast

Mix 2-3 scoops of the Complete™ protein meal-replacement with 10-16 oz. of water, milk, or any other approved beverage (see the Nutrition Guide).


2. Live the 4-4-12 between meals

 All the 4-4-12 requires is that you don’t snack for at least 4 hours between breakfast and lunch, at least 4 hours between lunch and dinner, and at least 12 hours between dinner and breakfast the next day. You’ll learn more about the science behind the 4-4-12 in upcoming lessons.


3. Enjoy the good stuff

 At meal times, eat until you are full or satisfied. Unless it’s your weekly free meal, choose foods on the Foods to Enjoy list or foods on the Foods to Eat in Moderation list. Don’t worry about counting calories or perfectly portioning your meals. You will, however, learn in upcoming lessons more about correct portion sizes and getting an appropriate amount of each critical macronutrient.


4. Exercise for 30 minutes, 5 days/week

Find something you love and do it regularly. If you’re looking to challenge and strengthen your body, use the GetFit21 Bodyweight Exercise Guides.


5. Track your habits and check in with your group daily

Each day, find time to log your meals, exercise, and other habits in the GetFit21 app. In addition, visit your team’s activity feed so that you can interact and encourage your teammates.


What is the “free meal?”

Each week, we recommend that you take a “free meal.” During a 60-minute or fewer eating window, feel free to indulge in any foods you have been craving during the week. Read more in the Library.

What type of exercise is allowed in the program?

All types of exercise are allowed. However, we recommend HIIT and specifically, our HIIT bodyweight workouts if you are interested in burning fat and strengthening your body. Read more in the Library.

How much water should I be drinking?

Because your protein intake will likely increase during this program, so should your water intake. We’ll discuss the science of water in an upcoming lesson, but a good rule of thumb is to drink at least 64oz of water each day. Read more in the Library.

What is the GF21’s approach to Nutrition based upon?

GetFit21 believes in a balanced approach to nutrition, with a focus on high quality protein and slow-digesting foods that help regulate blood sugar, healthy fats, and essential micronutrients. We don’t eliminate entire food groups or practice severe caloric restriction. The overall goal is developing and maintaining functional fitness through proper, sustainable nutrition.

Do you have more questions? Visit the Library home page to find answers, articles, and more. 

GetFit21 Program Modifications

If you’ve spoken to your coach about modifying the program to fit your needs, below are a few of the potential modifications.

1. Faster Burn Modification 

Many challengers opt to replace two meals/day with Complete™ during the first seven days of the Challenge. This is not a habit designed for the long-term, but it can help you see a boost during your first week. 

2. Strength Gain Modification

If you are not interested in losing weight, and instead want to maintain and grow muscle:

  • Replace the 4-4-12 with the 4-4-4-8. This means you’ll be eating four meals per day with at least four hours between each meal. Eating more is key to your weight gain process.

  • Use our Strength Program Workouts and keep cardio to two days/week while you’re specifically focused on gaining muscle.

  • Eat more Foods to Eat in Moderation--While Challengers on the core program are advised to eat only 3-5 servings of foods from the Moderation list, you are encouraged to eat 7-14 servings off this list each week.

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