How should I handle big holidays that involve a lot of food?

You want to enjoy the holiday and enjoy the foods that go with that holiday without losing all your progress. There are two possible solutions: eat moderately or abstain completely. Regardless of which choice you make, if your holiday enjoyment is defined by eating particular foods and treats, you will greatly benefit by shifting the attention onto other activities. Don’t let the food you eat define your holiday. Also, recruit help: Let a loved one know of your plan (abstinence or moderation) so they can provide external motivation. Before the holiday arrives, think about the foods associated with the holiday that you enjoy the most. You can likely find versions of your favorite holiday treats that include little or no sugar and starch.  If not, plan to enjoy your holiday indulgences in moderation. Remember that this is not the only time you can enjoy these special holiday foods; you will get to enjoy them every year. If you have any holiday events at your home, send leftovers home with others so they don’t create temptations for you. When the holiday is over, get back to your routine. You will want to do the following: 1. Get rid of the holiday foods that are temptations for you by gifting them to friends or throwing them out. 2. Plan and prepare healthy meals. 3. Set aside time to exercise. 

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