Why didn’t I see progress this week?

Progress manifests itself in many different ways. Sometimes the scale doesn't move, but this does not mean you’re not making any progress. There are many possible reasons explaining why the scale hasn’t moved recently. 

  1. You had a free meal within the last three days or so. Free meals are often high in carbohydrates, and the body retains more water with increased carbohydrate consumption. 

  2. You may notice a size difference in something other than the scale. Check your girth measurements to see if those have decreased, and notice if your clothes fit differently (although this can be difficult to determine in the space of one week).

  3. If you are female and are either starting or ending your menstrual cycle, you could be retaining water and/or be bloated.

  4. Start to notice if you have more energy, stamina, or are sleeping better at night. Those are great signs that your metabolism and health are improving. While body weight matters, it’s not as important as general improvement in how you feel. Weight is not always the best indicator of progress.

  5. If you haven’t seen the progress you desire as of today, wait a few days to a week. It isn’t always possible to predict when results show up; sometimes the scale doesn’t show progress today, but perhaps the change will take place within three to seven days.

  6. Remember that weight is not gained overnight. It is not lost overnight, either—healthy, sustainable weight loss takes time and is often more gradual.

  7. Weight loss is a side effect of bringing your metabolism back into balance. Depending on the state of your metabolic health at the outset, it might take some time to get the metabolic ship turned around and heading in the right direction.

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