Day 16. No Excuses

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No More Excuses!

Have you ever let excuses stand between you and your goals? Maybe you’ve decided you didn’t have time to exercise, or that there’s no way you could lose as much weight as you’d like to because of your age. The more creative you get with your excuses, and the more you rely on them, the further and further away you’ll be from your goals.

GetFit21 has a simple policy on this topic: NO EXCUSES! Your attitude towards excuses can make or break your ability to succeed. The next time you rationalize, justify, or make an excuse instead of doing what you know you need to do, think about what we’re discussing today.

Why Excuses are So Damaging

Relying on excuses puts you in a position of living far below your desired standards. It leads you to abandon goals and keeps you from living the life you want.

Excuses influence what we do:

• If we excuse ourselves from exercising, we never get fit.
• If we excuse ourselves from eating well, our health declines.
• If we excuse ourselves from performing at work, we never succeed.
• If we excuse ourselves from treating others well, our relationships suffer.
• If we excuse ourselves from working hard and staying disciplined, we never get what we set
out to achieve.

But that’s not the only reason why excuses are so dangerous. Constant excuses also influence how we feel about ourselves, what we’re capable of, and our world. If you don’t address your habit of excuses, it can creep into every area of your life. You may end up feeling worthless and depressed. You’ll end up feeling and acting like a victim, instead of someone who has control over their lives.

Excuses and Exercise

For many people, one of the easiest areas to make excuses is exercise. When was the last time you used one of these excuses to skip out on your exercise goals?

• I just couldn’t fit it into my day. I ran out of time.
• The weather was just too bad.
• My kids needed me for something.
• Life is a little hectic right now.
• I don’t have huge chunks of time to do all this exercise.
• I’m going to get the diet part down first, then I’ll start adding exercise.
• My body doesn’t move the way it used to.
• I’ll start tomorrow... For sure!

What the majority of these excuses boil down to is “exercise just isn’t a priority for me.” You may be waiting until it “feels right,” or until you “have time.” The truth is there’s never a right time to get moving. It’s now or never. Accept that fact to keep excuses from bogging you down.

Make it Happen

Recognizing and overcoming excuses is an important part of a successful GetFit21 challenge. It’s also absolutely critical to continued long-term health and wellness. Now is the time to stop letting excuses dictate what you do and do not achieve.

Challenge Yourself: For the remainder of your GetFit21 challenge, be on the lookout for excuses. Use the steps below to keep yourself from relying on them, and get back on track.

Once you start recognizing the excuses you tend to rely on, they’ll have less power over you. Keep recognizing and removing them from your mindset, and you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve.

Your Next Steps

1. Reset Your Mindset: The next time you catch yourself rationalizing, justifying, or making excuses, stop. Reset your thinking by working through these three steps:

Take Responsibility: Don’t blame anything or anyone else. If you’re not exactly where you had hoped to be in life, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve new goals. It just means that something needs to change in order to achieve different results.

• Take Action: Reassess your current situation, reset your goals, make your plans, then take definite action towards them. Be persistent and consistent. If you miss the mark, see it as only a setback.

• Believe You Will Succeed With or Without “Disadvantages:” Don’t just believe that you can succeed - believe that you will succeed. Or take it a step further - believe that you are succeeding right now. Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.

2. Rethink Exercise: Change your perspective on exercise to make yourself less likely to make excuses. We often excuse ourselves from exercise because we think it’s not enjoyable. The next time you try to justify skipping exercise, remind yourself how satisfying, energizing, and even relaxing it can be. Every time you exercise, you take another step closer to your goals. Even if you don’t consider exercise to be pleasurable, having good health and feeling confident about yourself certainly will be.

3. You Have the Time: We all have 24 hours in a day. We’re all busy. Yet some of us are able to “find the time” to exercise, while others make excuses that they can’t. It’s time to put this excuse to rest for good right now. You have time to exercise - what you haven’t done is make it a priority. Decide right now what you have to do to make sure you exercise every day. Do you have to get up a half hour earlier? Do you need to break up your exercise routine into two or three shorter parts? Do you have to get your kids involved in your routine? Do you need to bring your gym bag to work instead of going home first so you don’t get distracted? Whatever it takes, make the changes you need to keep exercise excuses out of your life.

Think Long Term

Keep excuses from slowing you down over the long term with these tips:

• Surround yourself with responsible and positive people. Excuses are contagious. If you’re constantly around people who make excuses, you’ll keep making them yourself. Do what you can to surround yourself with people who have a habit of turning obstacles into opportunities.

• Make an effort to keep improving. Old excuses might try to creep back into your life. Even if your challenge is over, make a point to address them and reset your thinking. Don’t get distracted by beating yourself up over them. Pick yourself back up and keep moving forward.

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