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Why Tracking is So Important in Achieving Your Goals

Your GetFit21 Challenge starts tomorrow. 21 days from now you’ll look different, feel better, and even think in a whole new way. Now is the time to document the beginning of your journey. Tracking your progress as you transition into a healthier lifestyle is crucial to achieving your goals and keeping your momentum going for the long term. Here’s why tracking is such an important part of your GetFit21 experience.

Why Tracking Matters

Taking measurements and tracking progress is an important part of reaching any goal. Think about it. What if baseball players never knew their batting average, or if students never got to know the results of their tests? How would they know if they were getting better, or if their hard work paid off?

Simply put, what gets measured gets done. Just knowing that something is being measured makes us work harder and perform better. This is true in school, at work, in competition, and especially when making lifestyle changes.

When you track and measure your performance, you...

• Are better able to set your goals
• Are able to evaluate your progress intelligently because you know where you stand
• Can identify areas that need improvement
• Can troubleshoot problems that are keeping you from what you want to achieve

And best of all, tracking at the beginning of your journey lets you look back and see how far you’ve come.

What Do I Track?

• Before/After Photos: Before and after photos can be one of the most dramatic (and satisfying) ways to track your progress. Take two pictures of yourself in a mirror (one from the front and one from the side) today. Right now, even. If you feel like taking more, do it! Save the photos somewhere, then don’t think about them anymore. When your challenge ends, you’ll take another set of photos. Get ready to notice a difference.

Body Weight: The number on the scale isn’t the reason you’re taking on this challenge, but it can be a valuable tool in tracking your progress. After you take your before photos, step on the scale and write down the number you see.

Body Measurements: Today is the perfect time to get a starting point for your body measurements. This form of tracking is particularly useful for the types of results you’ll see from Get Fit 21. After three weeks of committing to exercise, you may develop more muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, so you might find that you lose inches before you lose any pounds. By tracking your measurements, you’ll see changes in your body, even
if those changes aren’t there on the scale. You’ll find more information on taking body measurements, including a chart to help you organize and compare what you learn, in your Challenger’s Welcome Guide.

Dietary Tracking: Keep track of the foods you eat using a food tracking app (such as MyFitnessPal). Set up an account today if you don’t have one already, and take a little time to get to know how it works. Tracking what you eat will help you pick out foods that keep you full and provide plenty of nutrients. It will also help you identify foods that may be keeping you from your goals. Keep up with your food tracking over time and you’ll start to notice trends that will help you make even better decisions.

Tracking these four areas are part of your Get Fit 21 challenge. However, that doesn’t mean they’re the only thing you can track. Take a moment to think about what’s important to you. Is there anything else worth measuring?

Maybe you have a fitness related goal, such as improving how long you can run or the number of pushups you can do. Maybe you want to reduce the amount of sugar you eat each day, or see if you feel less hungry throughout the day if you eat a high protein breakfast.

Make a note of where you are now, then measure your progress regularly throughout the next three weeks. When asked by your coach, share your improvements with your Challenge Team.

Think Long Term 

Tracking will be just as beneficial after your GetFit21 Challenge is over. Keep track of your be- fore and after photos, your measurements, and any other metric you’ve decided to track. Keep tracking your progress as you continue to use what you’ve learned.

Measuring your progress is an important part of GetFit21, and will help motivate you to reach your goals. Take your beginning measurements today, and let your Challenge Team know that you did. Then look forward to the change you’ll see after you’ve seen your challenge through. When you look back over your progress, you’ll have a lot to celebrate!

For more information on tracking, please reread pages 11-13 of your Welcome Guide.

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