Getting Ready for GetFit21 - The Most Important Step

Your GetFit21 Challenge is about to begin. Before you get started, there are a few things you need to do. You’ve read about many of them in your Welcome Guide, but there’s one step in particular that is so important that it deserves its own explanation. The first and most important step of changing your life starts today. It’s time to make a commitment to see this challenge through.

What Is a Commitment?

A commitment is a binding pledge that tethers you to a person, a position, or a course of action.You may be committed to a certain partner, a certain job, or to certain goals. When you commit to something, it becomes a priority and takes on great importance in your life. But it’s more than that. You don’t just commit to a goal, you commit to a course of action. If you commit to excelling at your job, you show up on time and put in your best work every day.If you commit to earning a degree, you go to class, study hard, and do the best you can when tested. If someone claimed to be committed to better grades, a better career, or a better marriage, yet refused to put in the work to do so, were they really all that committed? When you commit to something, you decide to pursue it, and then you follow through. And that’s what we’re asking you to do as your GetFit21 Challenge gets started. 

Why Focus on Commitment?

Take a minute to think about something you’ve accomplished that you’re proud of. Now, think of the initial emotions that pulled you towards that goal. Were you just idly wishing it would happen, or were you committed to making it happen? Chances are it was the latter. Getting Ready for GetFit21 - TheMost Important StepWhen you simply want something, you only work towards it when your circumstances let you.As time goes on, you start to care less and less. In this situation, chances are high you’ll end upwith nothing. But when you commit, you accept no excuses. You follow through and get whatmatters: results.Your Results Depend on Your CommitmentWe’re going to say this as clearly as possible: your results from the next 21 days depend almostentirely on your level of commitment.Commitments are powerful because they influence how you think, how you sound, and howyou act. When you commit to something, you try harder, you look for solutions when you’refaced with obstacles, you don’t consider quitting an option, and you never look back.A meaningful commitment also guides you through roadblocks, setbacks, and discouragement.When you commit to your challenge, you’ll be less likely to quit when times get tough.You wouldn’t be reading this right now if you weren’t interested in improving your life. In orderto get the most out of your challenge, your first step is commitment. There is no greater step youcan take to change your body and your life.How to CommitSo what separates making a commitment from doing something on a whim? How do you movefrom just being interested in something to deciding that nothing is going to stop you fromachieving it? Commitment comes down to four things: mindset, focus, your “why,” and accountability.• Mindset: Believe at a fundamental level that nothing is going to get between you andyour goal. You are going to make the most of the next 21 days and nothing is going to stopyou.• Focus: Focus in on the activities that will propel you to your goals. Refuse to waste energyon the things that hold you back.• Your “Why”: Why did you sign up for this challenge? Do you want to feel moreconfident? Do you want to be able to do more? Do you want to learn more about healthand nutrition? Do you want to release a certain amount of weight? Do you want to feelmore attractive? Your why is what drives your commitment, and it is what will keep youpushing forward when you want to quit.• Accountability: Accountability is crucial for commitment. Knowing others arecheering you on can help keep you going when your enthusiasm starts to fade. Fortunately,GetFit21 has accountability built right in. Be open with your Challenge Team about yourgoals, hopes, struggles, and successes over the next three weeks to keep your commitmentstrong.Common Commitment RoadblocksIf all we had to do is snap our fingers and say “I’m committed” to reach a goal, we’d never needto work on making ourselves better. Unfortunately, we often face commitment roadblocks. Hereare some of the roadblocks you may encounter over the next 21 days, and how you can keepthem from stalling your progress.• Distractions: There’s no question that life is busy. There will always be something tryingto get between you and your goals. Part of committing is having a plan to keep distractionsat bay. Choose now to remove distractions from your life. Block out time in your scheduleevery day to devote to exercise and connecting with your Challenge Team. Clear yourcupboards of the unhealthy foods you know you don’t need. Get rid of the things you knowwill distract you.• A Lack of Discipline: We can’t promise that the next 21 days will be easy. Some daysyou may not feel like exercising. Some days you may want to go back to the foods you’remost familiar with. Discipline is the skill that will help you keep moving forward, evenwhen you don’t want to. You’ll learn more about this crucial trait as your challenge goes on,but for now remember that it’s what you need to stick with your commitments.• Fear of Leaving Your Comfort Zone: Following through on your GetFit21commitment could very well take you out of your comfort zone. You may end up doingthings you’ve never done before, eating in a way you’ve never tried, and opening yourselfup to your coach and your team in a way that’s new and different to you. It’s okay to feela little nervous, but don’t let fear block you from following through on the commitmentyou’ve made. Remember why you’ve committed, and how much closer you’ll be to yourgoals 21 days from now.A Life Changing Journey AwaitsThe next 21 days will change your life, but only if you commit to it. Now is the time to make thedecision: are you willing to commit to this challenge? Will you see it through, even when thingsget tough? Are you ready to devote yourself to making a real change in your life, saying no toexcuses and distractions, and finally achieving the change you want to see?If your answer is yes, then congratulations! You’ve made a commitment that will transform yourlife. Now it’s time to see it through. We hope you’re ready - a life changing journey is about tobegin.Please be proactive and tell your coach about your commitment and how you would like him orher to hold you accountable if you start to falter.

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