Choose one of our four-week programs to help you move towards your next running victory.

Congratulations on deciding to further take control of your health! Running is such a classic and enlivening way to improve our health and fitness. 

How do I choose a program? 

  • Below are descriptions of each of the programs. Feel free to click on any of the plans and sneak a peek at the workout lengths and intensities and you can decide which program is right for you.
  • A quick word of advice: If you're unsure of which program to start, remember that long-distance running requires a long-term approach. If you choose a plan that ends up being just a little too easy for your first 4 weeks, that's a good thing! Then you can confidently and excitedly select the next intensity on the next round. You will have better results taking that approach as compared to choosing a plan that is too difficult, which could lead to getting hurt or losing enthusiasm for your goals.


As the name suggests, this program is for those who have done virtually no running as exercise in their life. Maybe you've wanted to get into running before, but felt it was unobtainable or didn't know where to start. Search no more! This plan introduces the challenger to running by combining jogging and walking throughout the 4 weeks. The program is designed to get you jogging/walking 3 times a week. The break through goal is set up to help challengers achieve 15 minutes of jogging without stopping by the end of the 4 weeks 😁. Crush it!



With the 28-day Beginner Plan, you will be pushed to the next level of fitness by training to run further than you have before! Maybe you've gone through the First Timers program a couple of times and are ready for the next step or maybe you've dabbled in running a little bit in the past and are looking for that structured push to get you back on the pavement. This program will require 3 days a week of jogging/running. This plan is designed to push the challenger to complete a 5k distance run (3.1 miles) WITHOUT stopping. Boom. #Beastmode 



Do you feel like you crushed the Beginner Plan? Feel like you got the distance down and want to go a little faster? Or maybe you're catching the bug and want to go a little further? This plan is meant to introduce structured workouts into your running that will boost your running and your confidence in covering longer distances in less time. This plan will include prescribed paces that will push you to new heights as we! This program will include 4 days of running per week.


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